I knew Cristiana from Nokia, and when I had to recommend an external coach for Hirschmann she seemed to be simply the right choice. During the last one and a half years this choice was confirmed by her talent as coach and ability to collaborate and gain the trust of various characters, personalities. How she achieves this? By being a well prepared professional who knows the importance of keeping up to date her knowledge in HR and coaching practices, and by combining it with sensitivity and understanding towards individuals. Sounds easy? I dare you to try it ;)

Keep up the good work Cristiana!

Melinda Csiszer
Head of HR Hirschmann Automotive Romania



Eu vreau sa transmit celor care citesc testimonialul meu despre Cristiana, emotia si sentimentul pe care l-am trait cu totii cand am cunoscut omul care ne-a fost prieten din copilarie sau din adolescenta. Remember? Coleg de banca, coleg de munca … de clasa ….


De fiecare data cand vorbim simt ca este alaturi de mine. Ca si coach presupune si studii, nimeni nu contesta, insa fara suflet si implicare asa cum face Cris, substanta si importanta este decazuta.


Profesional, am trecut si mai trec prin diferite etape - urci sau cobori … ca asa e in viata - dar la fiecare pas pe care l-am facut, Cristiana m-a ajutat mult sa ii vad importanta, sa imi caut energia de a schimba daca e cazul, dar si de a invata din erori si a pretui urmatorul pas.


O stimez si sper din toata inima sa intalneasca oameni care sa fie compatibili cu ea si ceea ce creeaza impreuna sa fie trainic.


Si eu semnez: Daniela Salomie
Antreprenor – Managis Bio



Lucrez cu Cristiana de 18 luni. Ea se ocupa de dezvoltarea muncitorilor ca si responsabilitate fata de munca, implicare in munca de zi cu zi si o buna intelegere in echipa. Am construit cu ea modelele de evaluare a intregului personal, chestionarul de satisfactie si fisele de post. Totul a fost pregatit de Cristiana si a fost adaptat mediului si colectivului nostru de lucru.

Imi place la Cristiana ca reuseste sa se implice si in munca cu persoanele de conducere, care au studii superioare, si cu muncitorii simplii, care au doar 8 clase.

Dupa 18 luni de activitate se simte ca muncitorii isi dau mai mult silinta si avem rezultate dupa activitatea Cristinei.

Continuam munca impreuna si cred ca vom reusi, in urmatorii 2 ani, sa avem cei mai responsabili, implicati si atenti la calitate muncitori de constructii din Transilvania.

O semnez: Sabin Funar

TOTAL INVEST SRL – constructii, instalatii, mentenanta



I got to know Cristiana when she became my coach. I must say it was the best decision the company’s general management  could have made by hiring her.

As soon as we started working together me and my team’s results were exponentially growing.

She always made everything look so easy and this made me want to do and want more.

Cristiana is very devoted and  passionate about her work, this is showed by the results she can achieve in short periods of time.

I’m very lucky  that I got the chance to work and learn from here.

Keep on coaching! J

Karoly KALI

Head Of Quality Hirschmann Automotive Romania


Cristiana is a true human resources professional who puts people at the very center of everything she does. In her role as HRD Consultant, I saw that she was able to effectively bring her recruitment and resourcing experience into planning and executing development of the workforce. Her background gave her insight into the structure and needs of the organization and also insight on the skills and competencies of employees, many of whom she had recruited. With this deep knowledge of the workforce and a solid relationship with our key business leaders, Cristiana was able to build an effective development offering for those in need, provide coaching and feedback, and consult the business on the best opportunities for key talent. She did her work with true respect for the individual, full focus on the organization's people strategies, and a solid understanding the business direction, yet always with a people-centric approach.

Rhonda Rice
Web Producer & Content Manager, MoneyGram Online at MoneyGram International


I worked very closed with Cristiana in Nokia where she was HR consutant and after that HR Development consultant. In both position she proved a very high professional. She assured high quality consultance during recruitment for whole operations department and not only operations. She identified very good candidates for opened position and she came with very relevant conclusions. It is very relevant that all employees hired by she are still in company and they are key contributors for our organisation. She is very passion in all what she is doing.


As HR Development consultant she proved very good coaching skills and she helps me (and not only me) to develop myself in leadership area. She was leading the HR development project for indirect labor. She enjoy this area and she is fully dedicate for this. She dedicate all energy and time to solve she's task at highest quality and this makes her to be always a winner. No compomises in she's work.

Petru Simon
Production Manager at De'Longhi


Knowing Cristiana already for almost four years, more than two of them working with her in the same copmpany. If making a summary of my proffesional relationship with Cristian, I would underline:)
- recruiting skills: being myself part of recruitment process)
- proven professional approach with great positive impact in asking the right questions and giving the right feedback (setting up the right level of expectations); beeing customer of the recruitment process - selection process, interviews, assesments and profile discussions proved great results in slecting the candidates best fitting the needed profile (either entry/middle/senior level positions)
- induction: quickly managing the integration of the new candidates into the teams - showing great support and empaty
- consultant: always open for discussions and able to offer quick feedback and advice
- strategic view: experienced in HR area, good networking, managing at a professional level new site (green field) development
- other skills: team player, results orieted without loosing the focus on people, quick learner and continuous developping skills, great at building long term partnerships.
If I were to recommend Cristiana, I can say she is an HR professional, with leading abilities and strategic view.

Pankler Eduard Mihai
Plant Material Manager at De' Longhi


The first thing that comes to my mind about Cristiana is that she cares. She played the most important part in my career – the role model for me as HR person. I have constantly appreciated her incredible human touch that clearly makes the difference, the determination to balance it with the business, her listening skills, her empathy and ability to share her knowledge. The best words to describe her would be professional dedication, integrity and commitment.

She is honest, open, delicate. I have been very lucky to be around her and to have the opportunity to learn from her experience, but the thing I value the most is that she continues to be a role model to me.

Georgiana Pankler
HR Consultant at Yonder


Once you met Cristiana you would acknowledge a strong character, solid principles and a professional attitude towards challenges. Never stepping back from taking part in different projects or activities, she is always supportive and willing to help. It is almost self-understood why she is easily chosen as an example to follow, for her attitude and professional expertise makes everybody around her want to get more of this experience.

Tatiana Tomescu
Head of Accounting/ Controller - A&R Shared Services Center, Cluj Napoca at Bombardier Transportation


Cristiana and I got to know each other while working as an Assessment Consultant for Nokia. She proved transparency and honesty in her actions and a desire to be involved throughout the process. Cristiana was supportive, prompt, in offering needed information, at the same time showing dedication to achieve the best possible outcome, without making any compromise. She manifested a keen interest in people's professional development, being open to explore and expand their opportunities. Her communication and behaviour are always characterised by availability, openness, flexibility, diplomacy and friendliness.

Diana Veza
HR Consultant


- detail oriented person without loosing focus from business need but in the same time having "human" values
- good profesional with very good communication and persuading skills - solution oriented

Oana Stetiu
Training & Personnel Development Manager at TRW Automotive Safety Systems


During the Nokia Jucu Greenfield project I had the pleasure to work in close cooperation with Cristiana. Her contribution to the project’s success revealed her following key strengths: dedication, integrity, team work/cooperation, interpersonal understanding, communication and influence. Maybe the most important aspect linked to Cristiana’s business profile is that she is a great true Leader. When it comes to the non-business profile, she is a great Friend.

Ionel Popa
Senior Security Manager, Supply Chain Security CEMEA at Nokia


Cristiana is a passionate employee, that every company shall be proud of. She like what she do, because working with people is part of her way of being. Training, coaching, mentoring is what she enjoy most. I had the great opportunity to work with her as mentor and coach in some of our projects and I really see the results and my Manager can confirm it. She makes each individual feel his/her work is important.

She enjoys working hard and she’s full of energy for the things she see as challenging.

Emilia Gheorghiu
Process Quality Manager at Nokia Mobile Phones


Cristiana is a particularly pleasant person to work with. My impression is that she combines a good business understanding with a warm and friendly attitude towards all of her co-workers. When searching for solutions she successfully combined a flexible approach with a respect for values and regulations.

Nora Szedlak
Lead Consultant, Duologue Consulting


A leader, that's what she is..just a short time spent with her, will prove this. Professional attitude. Fair towards everyone. Always has encouraging words. Very strong coaching skills, would make a great career on this side :)

Alina Simo
Compensation & Benefits Team Lead at Bombardier Transportation


Cristiana is an enthusiastic HR professional with a warm heart and interest on people. She wants to develop herself continuously and seeks actively feedback for her work. During the time I have been working with her she significantly has grown in her role.

Hanna Heikkilä
Director, Human Resources, Asia Pacific at Metso


Cristiana is a really enthusiastic person and gets lots of things implemented while generating great ideas! Wonderful person and easy to approach, always helping where ever she can.

Nina Gratschew
Owner @ The Garden Chef Ltd


Cristiana was a joy to work with. She has a natural talent toward reaching people, making them belong and linking them. She is a natural socialite, very collaborative and very opened. Cristiana was a real colleague, a support within HR and for HR. She is hard working, supportive, natural integrator and efficient in recruiting, onboarding and developing people. She loved working with people, she enjoyed and adapted quite nicely to working with tools and systems. She is open, flexible, direct and assertive. I would like to work with her again.

Raluca Szekeres
Senior HR Specialist @ Robert Bosch Romania


 Analiza muncii, intocmire fise de post

 Managementul performantei - sistemul de evaluare a performantelor

 Managementul talentelor

 Recrutare si selectie de personal

 Intocmire proceduri si acte administrative





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